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where streams of stories converge


Stories draw us in.

Have you ever been reading a book and completely shut out the world? Ever binge-watch a TV show because the plot, the characters, the dialogue wouldn't let you go? Do you fill down time with engaging conversations on podcasts? Find yourself quoting the best lines of a favorite movie over and over?

Well-crafted narratives captivate our attention. We're drawn in by the relatability of their words. There's a connection we seek.

Stories reveal the similarity in our souls.

When someone else out there in this vast expanse of time and space has thought what we’ve thought, battled with similar turmoil, or laughs at the same absurdity we see in the world—then we feel we're not alone.

And that’s always nice, isn’t it—to know we’re not alone?

You may not realize it—but how you see the world is unique and interesting. Put that perspective into words and you will learn about yourself. Share those words and others will walk along with you. Then everyone becomes better from the journey.

Our stories bring us together.

We were not meant to be alone. We were created to connect. 

Rivulet Collective is a place to connect. A place where one thought can trickle out onto the page and flow into another. Where streams of stories can pour together, converging all in one place.

Stop by sometime. Read a story. Write your own.




Photo by Anvesh Uppunuthula on Unsplash